Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This is news?

Why is it still a major story that someone is gay? What does sexual orientation have to do with talents? Sheryl Swoopes, one of the most decorated and talented WNBA stars has taken the path less travelled and announced she is lesbian. This is risky, even though she is the reigning MVP in her sport. If you question this, look at Sue Wicks. Wicks is another very talented WNBA star who hasn't really been allowed to play since her team won back to back championships; coincidentally after making the same announcement.

This is not news people. People in all walks of life are homosexual, including sports (surprise, surprise). Please stop ostricizing talented people for something that shouldn't matter to you. I applaud Sheryl for the courage it must have taken to risk a lucrative livelyhood by making such an announcement. Let's support the decision so that others don't have to worry about even needing to make such an announcement that has no bearing on anything or anyone but themselves.

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