Sunday, September 28, 2008

No go go juice!!!!

I'm not sure if all is aware, but here in metro Atlanta, we are expiriencing a severe gasoline shortage. Since hurricane Ike shut down several refineries etc., we have literally been out of gas. It's rather spooky to drive and drive and drive and EVERY gas station is closed. And if you do happen upon an open one, it is very apparent because of the enormous lines. Most people are waiting in-line 45mins to 2 hrs for a tank of gas. The stations are getting deliveries in the A.M. and are completely out by the afternoon. Usually these shipments last a week long. Hubby and I went out last night at midnight searching and were quite lucky. We were able to find a station with gas 20 mins from our house and only had to wait about 30 mins. I am not complaining too loudly because there are folks out there much worse off than us. We are fortunate I only work part time and hubby works from home. I was pleased as punch to pay 4.49 per gallon last night, unfortuately there was a limit of 45.00 per car. Oh well, guess I will have to do it again this week. They say this will continue for at least another week. Wish us all luck!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The benefits of exercise......

This Saturday A.M. we started off our day with Dunkin Donuts! Delish, however I am all too aware of the caloric havoc it will wreak upon my hips, so they were purchased with the promise the whole family would hike up Kennesaw Mtn. with me when said caloric heavy breakfast was purchased! We actually had a great time. No whining was heard, no "can we please take a rest?" etc. I am thinking it is because the teenager has been power walking 2 miles per day in P.E. (God bless P.E.)! We all have finished our wonderful hike and are on our way back to the van when I make this apparently silly statement: "Doesn't your body feel energized?" "Don't you feel great after exercizing?" I get the all too honest reply from the teenager...."no, actually my body is stating "W.T.F. this is Saturday, why aren't you still sleeping?" I probably would have been shocked had my body not been screaming the same thing!

Monday, September 22, 2008

What the....???

I must start this post by going back a few months to July. In July, my niece and nephew from MI came down to stay with us for a couple of weeks for some summer fun! We had a great time. In this fun, there have been several things I have found of theirs which were mistakenly left behind. My niece was all a flutter when trying to pack up to leave and was unable to find her BRIGHT YELLOW stylus for her Gameboy DS. Note: Gameboys are NOT bright yellow, so this was obviously a replacement stylus. I don't know about you, but I'm seeing a trend. Anyway, the stylus was never found. Since she has gone home, I have thoroughly cleaned all kids rooms, moved funiture, etc....NO STYLUS......until I cleaned out the fridge this weekend. I found the silly thing in the bottom of my fridge under the VEGETABLE CRISPER! Don't know why I didn't look their first? ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1-young punks 0-old folks

For those of you who don't know, we finally finshed our basement! Woo Hoo! It took a long time and more moolah than we had planned, but we are loving it! We also invested in a pool table for the family (but mostly for the grown-ups). Sunday we had some friends over to play pool and watch the Lions get their tails kicked. All was good fun with some smatterings of trash talk between the pool and the football. The best comment of the day came from our teenage daughters boyfriend. We had all spent Saturday together as well at another friends pool party. So the smack talk started with the hubby making some comment to the boyfriend about how come the boyfriend didn't take down the hubby on Saturday in the pool? The boyfriends perfect response was " I didn't want to break your hip Mr. Price!" Much hilarity followed when the hubby chased the boyfriend down and sat on him until he begged for mercy! As the title states.....Young Punks-1 and Old Folks-0