Friday, July 24, 2009

Youngest Wedding Preview...

Why do I think this will be a preview of the youngest's wedding entrance when the time comes? Hmmm, go figure...


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Butt Juice Incident...

Last day at my sister's, things are (supposedly) settling down. From what to my wondering ears should I hear, but children, downstairs screaming when they've been sent to be sleeping...

Apparently, the youngest "butt juiced" the middle's pillow. Yes, the pillow case had been touched by bare butt action. After appropriately discussing how this should not happen, I offered the middle child the youngest's pillow. The response?

Middle: No thanks. I put boogers all over that one...

Why did I have children again? Oh yeah, because their "cute".

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Trip to the store...

So, hanging with the cousins this week (Gray family) for spring break. The middle child and the nearest cousin convince me they should go to Target to buy a video game. Now, I know my child has money for the game, but the cousin? Not really sure on the cash situation and/or their parents willingness to allow the purchase. Being the good uncle, I decide it doesn't matter what they think (I mean, I'm only here for a couple more days anyway, right?). So, I check on the cash situation...

Me: So, do you have cash for this game?
Cousin: Well, I have a $40 gift card. That should be enough and if not, I have some money so it should be fine.

Now, the "it should be fine" part frazzled me, but you know, I decided to take the chance. At the checkout, here is the story...

Checkout lady: The total will be $30.50. How would you like to pay?
Cousin: Here is a gift card. One of these has $40 on it. (hands one of two gift cards over)
Checkout lady: Well, it isn't this one. This one only has $0.14 on it. (Takes the other card). Nope, not this one either. This one has $4.00 on it. You're total is
Cousin: Hmm. Well, here's this (hands a wad of cash). It's $21.00...

(right about now I'm smacking my forehead)

Cousin: I'd have more if my uncle had let me bring the change...I had $4.00 in change...

(Checkout lady rolling her eyes at me...we've both done the math and it don't add up...needless to say, the little urchin owes me money...)

Things a parent should never have to say to a child...

Me: Child, please stop licking yourself...

Yes, it was nearly as wrong as it sounds...the child determined good manners to be licking kool-aid off the arm at a tea party...

Proud to have that as my child... :)

Monday, April 06, 2009

OK, even I'm tired of the snow...

The two youngest and I are in Michigan for spring break...what do we get? SNOW. The youngest is the only one of the bunch who is actually enjoying this...I mean, it's April for cripes sake...

Saturday, March 07, 2009


I realize I am behind the times a bit here, but I just recently made a facebook page. I had no idea how much fun it would be. Love catching up with people and old friends. I find it to be quite the addiction. I hear it does ease up a bit with time, but for right now, I can't go very long without checking it......Is there a program for this?

Monday, March 02, 2009


Now I realize, to most of you, this has been a picture of normalcy and torture for the past few months, however, here in GA it's a novelty! Yesterday we got about 4 inches of snow all through out the Atlanta area. Yup, pretty much shut the city down. The kids had a blast playing in it. Though, we are no longer prepared for this kind of weather, so our flimsy gloves and hats had a lot of bouts with the dryer. I did realize just how foreign snow is to our parts when I noticed the 2 neighbor boys were down playing in our yard with just CROCS on.....not the fuzzy ones either! Ok, so we are a little out of touch, but much fun and much hot chocolate was had yesterday. Unfortunately, the snow is mostly gone and the kids had to go to school today.....grumping all the way!

Monday, February 09, 2009

The best

My hubby is the best!!!! My kids are the best!!! I had the best weekend/birthday!!! I have the best friends!!! As earlier posted, the hubby, family, and friends all surprised me with a surprise visit in GA. It was so nice to see Bean and Ann...not to mention the hysterical laughter, shenanigans, funny pics, libations! :) , fun neighbors and family, bonfires, etc.....

I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. I love you all!!! xoxoxoxox

Sunday, February 08, 2009


The youngest came home from school on Friday with a beautiful shiner. When asked:

Oldest: How'd that happen?
Youngest: I hit a pole at school...
(Entire family): AGAIN?!?!?

Needless to say, it wasn't the first time and isn't expected to be the last. Tomorrow, the child is going to school wearing safety glasses...

Happy Birthday Baby!!!

This year, things were kind of hectic for the wife's birthday. Thankfully, I thought ahead. My sister and my wife's best friend Bean were able to trek down for some celebrating. They flew in for the weekend, and it was a total surprise for the wife. I took the day off of work, we went for a nice lunch and were supposed to go to the museum. Unfortunately, that couldn't happen due to timing, which the wife handled well.

However, all through lunch, the yahoos were texting me. "I'm on the plane." "Can't find Bean". Yadda, yadda, yadda. Thankfully, the wife thought it was work, so rather than get suspicious, she got mad. This was cleared up after dinner. Susan wasn't even sure we were going to the airport until we were almost parked, at which time, she started looking for packed bags. When I parked in an hourly spot, she knew we must be picking someone up...but still no idea who. When the girls came up the escalator with b-day hats and horns blaring, it was complete. The moment was so touching, that others waiting for someone started clapping. It was nice, and topped off by an even better weekend. So, with HUGE thanks to the girls and their families, it was wonderful.

Happy birthday Baby!!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chore Day...

Oldest: Dad!!! Come get your shoes!!!
Me: I'm busy. Leave me alone or I'm gonna put a foot up your Ass!!! (ala Red Foreman on "That 70's Show)
Oldest: I hope you don't leave your shoes there too!!!

Needless to say, the oldest is still running and the wife is still laughing. Oh, happy days.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Sweet 16!!!

The oldest turned 16 today!!! Personally, I never thought it'd happen as the child is definitely the "Mouth of the South", however, she was just cute enough to make it all the way. No, she's not driving yet, but that will happen soon enough.

In the meantime, happy birthday to a wonderful young woman. Your mother and I are very proud of you and the person you have become.


Dawn of a new day...

****begin soapbox****
Depending on your view point, today is either the dawn of a new day, or just another day in the life. History was made today either way - the first black President was installed. To me, before his speech, I felt it was just another day and time would tell whether this President was the stuff that our modern day legends are making him out to be. After the speech? I'm not sure. I do feel more motivated and invigorated by the speech than any other I've heard short of John F. Kennedy's "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" speech. In much the same way, that was the message. In much the same way, that's what we must do to succeed. I believe hard choices are coming and hard choices will be made. I believe we are about to see the end of social security (which isn't necessarily bad...I can't think of anyone around my age who believes it will be there for us anyway). I believe many other things taken for granted will be gone.

I believe however, that this is a means to an end, but not THE means to the end. By cutting ineffective programs, we will stem the flood. But until people realize they need to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and others decide to help in that process, our own worst fears will continue. I believe in time we'll find out if Barack is a good leader. I believe today however, he proved to be the correct leader at the correct time and his speech did as much to boost that confidence and pride as any I've ever heard.
****end soapbox****

Sunday, January 04, 2009

HOT Vacation locations...

The wife and I decided to discuss potential vacation spots with the children the other day. Usual locations came to mind - head home, go to Cedar Pointe, sand dunes, etc. One unusual location came up however - to go to the Sahara so we could have raw goat testicles and become real men. Apparently, the rest of our family is happy not being real men (especially since most of them are women); we passed on this opportunity. Thanks so much for the idea Bear Grylz.