Thursday, March 20, 2008

What I will see when my life flashes before my eyes...

Its been a while since we've posted, but I came across another cool idea while surfing and thought I'd copy. So, sit back and have a gander at some of the things I expect will cross my mind in my final seconds:

1. Holding my first born (who's now almost all growed up). Staring into those eyes was mesmerizing.
2. Delivery of the second born. This child was trouble from the start, including coming out with a hangman's knot.
3. Many flashes of the third child. From sitting quietly in the kid seat, to the uncommon quips and spasmodic dance steps routinely used to this day. Not always endearing, but it is part of the charm.
4. Watching my beautiful wife come down the aisle. It was the start of something which has blessed my life more than I could ever say.
5. Watching cereal drip down my sister. Never was a beating SO worth it.
6. Playing catch with my Dad.
7. Learning to ride a bike. (Thanks sis)
8. Kids sporting events - soccer games, swim meets, gymnastics. At some point, each of them has done something in those venues that truly has made me proud.
9. Flashes of my kids growing up.
10. Jumping from a perfectly good airplane. Must blame my wife, since it was her idea. Maybe she was trying to get this list "jump" started, even back then...

So, in the end, I guess it shows that the most important pieces in my life are my family. Really, when you get down to it, that is the way it should be:

friends + family = LIFE