Friday, February 22, 2008

Sorry, ozone layer

Every evening while eating dinner, we have a family tradition of "best and worst parts of your day" At this time, we go around the table and state these. It helps us all keep in touch with each other etc.... The other night, it was the middle childs turn for this. Her best part "no homework" and worst part " I had the farts today!!!" Then the son pipes up and says he did too. At this point I begin giggling hysterically because I know the culprit immediately. I had sent Fiber One granola bars in their lunches. I knew this because I had the same problem from them and this is why I gave them to the kids, thinking they wouldn't affect them as they did myself. WRONG!!! Man, am I in trouble over that one. Methayne gas destroys the ozone layer.......SORRY OZONE LAYER!!! No more Fiber One bars in this house.

The more the merrier

This past weekend was fun. We had my hubbys dad and step mom in from MI from Friday to Monday A.M. Along with a surprise visit from my mom and step dad as well. You know how it is with kids.....when you have their friends over, it's easier. Well, it's the same way with out of town parents too!! :) tee hee! I just had to feed them and make multiple pitchers of margaritas. Seriously, we had a great time with everyone. Hubby and his dad got some golf in and Janet and I got some shopping in, so all was fun. The funniest part was that out of the 4 guest we had here, 3 of them were named Jan/Janet! Good grief, that was a tough one. Can you imagin? It was a nice visit all together. Lots of laughs. Love it when the parents partake in margaritas!!!