Monday, October 10, 2005

The next Lance Armstrong...

Yes, that's right. I have spotted the next Lance Armstrong. He came complete with racing helmet, yellow racing jersey, butt padded but otherwise skin tight bike racing trunks, super grip bicycle shoes and gloves (all matching) and let's not forget - a lightweight yet sleek bicycle.

The only problems I saw keeping him from making it into Paris first?

1) Socks didn't match. - and you know with that much media attention, the french won't let a US biker slide on a fashion faux paux such as this.

2) He was riding a train at the time. - somehow I just can't see Lance jumping on a mid-town train, bike, half filled water bottle and all, in the middle of a training workout. This could just be me though.

3) Checking voicemail on his blackberry. - but maybe this was the reason for the train?

4) The extra 75+ pounds poured into the even ordinarily skin tight outfit? - Oh, yeah, that WAS the reason for catching the mid-town train and checking voice mail instead of finishing the training.

One last thing Mr. Train Riding Bicycler - next time put some shorts on over the outfit please? Maybe even some less displaying outfit like Speedos or something. There were children on the train. Not a good look at all training or no training.


KellBell said...


susabellpr said...

I second Kellbells EWWWWWW, however the sick person in me wants to know what link to see this for myself.

darprice said...

Ahhh, I couldn't subject the poor guy to online scrutiny such as this. I wanted to snap the pic with the camera phone, but just couldn't embarass the guy like that.