Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Names Ed

The son and neighbor boys have been having a great time playing in the creek out back since it's warmed up. Every night some poor creature is held captive in our mop bucket overnight in our garage, then set free the next day. Today the boys found an interesting crayfish with a third leg....hmmmm, maybe I should hose the boys off after playing in this creek, Oh well, they still only have two legs, we're safe, I think. Anyways, they proudly display the three legged creature to me and announce his name is Ed. Wondering what had inspired them to give this one the name of Ed, I asked........."you know special Ed, cuz he has three legs" He's his fathers son!!!

Favorite Sock

I am sure boys have just (ok, almost as much) as many hormones as girls. Yesterday confirmed that with my son. Lately he's been eating everything not nailed down and crankier than usual, thus I'm sure he's getting ready to have a growth spurt. Yesterday while snuggling on the couch watching Sponge Bob, the son and I started poking and tickling eachother. During the fun, I noticed his sock had a huge hole where the heel used to be. Thinking is would make him laugh, I grabbed the sock and ripped it the rest of the way. Now in my mind, I'm waiting for peels of laughter at mom's hilarity.....instead I got a deluge of tears! My first reaction was to giggle...once that started, I couldn't contain myself, furthering the deluge! He kept stating "you ripped my favorite sock!!!" "I worked so hard for that hole!" He was seriously ticked off at me. Excuse me while go check his dresser for any other favorite items I may not be aware of.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Follow up...

The person mentioned in the beginning of this previous post now has better options. Sitting on a pillow. We call it the outboard muffler...(this did make the wife cry in pain AND laughter)

In other topics and conversations (somewhat related) - the following occurred this week...

Middle: WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!?!?!?!
Youngest: (Giggles)

Laughter is the best medicine, right?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Greeting card folly

I have received many fun, sweet, endearing, hysterical greeting cards to help me heal. I love them all and truely appreciate the sentiments. Here is an example of one of the cards: "Not feeling well?" Inside: "Try farting.....always makes me feel better!" Ok, humorous, especially if you know who it came from, son comes home from school yesterday with the sad story of one of the little girls in his class being out for foot surgery. So of course the class all makes cards for her to cheer her while out of school.....get where I'm going with this?! Thank God he ran it past his teacher before he wrote it out!!! I'm sure my son supplied her family with great dinner conversation last night. Can't wait for conferences!!

Difficult to heal

As most of you know, I am at home recovering from a hysterectomy. I am currently 2 weeks post op. Doing well for the most part, however, I have noticed some problems. I live with a very comedic family, and they think it's fun to make mom laugh, excecpt it hurts like hell to laugh right now. To most people this would mean to lay off the comedy, but not in my family. My mom has so graciously come down from MI to help us out for 3 week, God bless her. HOWEVER.....adding her to the mix just makes the belly laughs worse. It has been slightly better this week due to my hubby being away with work. The kids are bad about making poor sliced open mom laugh, but my mom and hubby are the worst! Alas, the hubby comes home today, which I am happy for, just give me a pillow to hug.