Monday, October 29, 2007


A show the wife, oldest and I have gotten in to lately is "How I Met Your Mother". The other night, they were addressing the point where everytime you suggest to a friend to a new person who you think they should date, there is always a positive: "Oh, she's sweet and really attractive" and a "but" which you never state: "...but, she makes Jessica Simpson look like a doctorate candidate". Wait, maybe for guys that isn't so bad...

Anyway, they went through on the show lots of their own "buts" which prompted:

Me: Honey, what's my but?
Oldest: The thing between your torso and your legs. What are you thinking???

Yep, I can't kill the kid. Registered with the state and all.

Strike System...

Our friend has a punishment system which works for her family. The middle has once upon a time, tried to instill it here with large failure.

Recently, the wife instilled it, which led to the following conversation with my sister:

Me: Yeah, so the wife instituted a "strike system".
Sis: Really? What is that and how does it work?
Me: Well, when the kids get in trouble, she makes a mark on a piece of paper and calls it a strike. You get 5 and you lose privileges.
Sis: And does it work?
Me: I don't really know. I like my "strike" system better. If a kid screws up and I'm within striking distance, I do. If they really screw up and I have to chase them, they probably get more than one...That I KNOW works...


Oh boy. That was painful. First, the server has issues and has to be taken down. Then, a new server is put up and...I can't remember the password to the site to change locations. To make matters worse, I of course used the ONE EMAIL which I've disabled in the last decade. Ouch.

We now (attempt) to return you to your regularly scheduled life. We should have some relatively good posts coming up...assuming we remembered to write all the stories down...