Friday, October 28, 2005

Bedroom moaning...

Pervert. Get your mind out of the gutter...

The children have been having trouble adjusting to real life since our vacation. Here's an example:

The wife and I usually wake the children up nicely, with one taking one child and the other another (oldest doesn't get up until later in the morning). This morning, I had the joy of waking up both. Not really a problem, but it will illustrate what the kids have been going through.

Me: Sweetie, time to get up...
Middle: Unnnnh.
Me: (with a slight shake) Sweeeeetie, time to get uuuuuppp.
Me: Good morning. Glad to have you awake...
Middle: Yeah, whatever.

Me: Honey, time to wake up.
Youngest: NO!!!
Me: Do I need to sing, tickle or turn the lights on? Pick two...
Youngest: LEAVE!!!

So, at this point I left them both alone since they were talking and reacting. I did check back a little later. At that point, the middle child's light is on, so I know that one seems to be moving. The other child - dark room and no sound. Here is what happens next...

Me: (Going to the door, seeing no movement I turn on the light to see what is going on)
Youngest: Unnnnh.
Me: (Turn light off)
Me: (Turn light on)
Youngest: Unnnnh.
Me: (Turn light off)
Me: (Turn light on)
Youngest: Unnnnh.
Me: (Turn light off)
Mom: What is wrong? What's going on? Why are you whining?
Me: Sorry, that was me. The youngest's light was dark so I turned it on to see what was going on only to see the child nude in the middle of the dark room. The moaning was caused by the light. I found it amusing so I kept turning it off and on. Really isn't helping the situation, but it sure is fun.


KellBell said...

It's nice to know that getting out of bed is always hard for some. :) I've always had trouble and now I know I'm not alone!

Scottland said...

Here's a suggestion: We have rank and Jo Jo that wake up difficult children. Jo Jo is a myna bird that chews on their ears (uing the thumb and pointer finger). If Jo JO is unsuccessful, then Frank, the Bald Eagle comes in. He lands on their back or shoulders (using both hands as talons). After a couple of visits from these two, the mere threat of their appearance is enough to get em moving.

darprice said...

Yeah, the threat of me singing is enough to do the trick. This day was just fun to find other ways to torture children...