Monday, May 29, 2006

Lassie Wanna be...

After dinner, the puppie was going crazy whining and making herself a general nuisance. After a while, we realized she was trying to communicate ala Lassie. What did she want?

Turns out, Timmy was doing crack with the whores...

Who'da thunk it?

Happy Memorial Day...

To all those who are, have been or someday will be in the armed forces:

Thank you.

I may not always agree with why you have fought or are fighting, but I ALWAYS appreciate the job you do. Your sacrifice, even in times of peace, makes the world a better place and is the strength for which our country and its government can always barter for peace.

So, on this day of remembrance, thank you. Thank you for my freedoms. Thank you for your hard work, effort and many sacrifices. Thank you for being there for our families, our beliefs, our country. Thank you for all the things you do we know about, and all those you aren't allowed or can't tell us about. Thank you, and come home safe soon.

-The Price Crew

Funny how that works...

Youngest was running around the house with handcuffs (no, not fuzzy kind). So, I handcuffed the child, hands behind back and then chased the kid to another room. The child's response?

Youngest: I don't want my hands handcuffed behind me, I want my hand handcuffed to my foot...

So I complied. Unfortunately for the child, it was to the opposite foot,behind the other leg...then I chased the kid to return prior tortures...hehe.

Sometimes, it is good to be the Dad...


The youngest was singing today. Have I mentioned that our family can't sing? It was very poor quality and led to this loving discourse:

Me: Child, stop that warbling...
Youngest: (Warbling continues)
Me: Child, do you want me to kill you?
Youngest: (Warbling stops)No.(Warbling continues)
Me: (Shouting)CHILD!!!
Youngest: Are you going to kill me?
Mom: Yes, and I'm going to hold you down...
Oldest: And I'm going to be in the background laughing...

Feel the love?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Deetroit Basketball...

If these guys fold to the Cavaliers like the Wings did to the Oilers, I may just have to stop thinking about the former home teams...

I mean, Rip, what was that last second plea for a foul (which never works if you hadn't noticed, say, in any game in your career)? You're supposed to be be a big time, clutch player - take the shot.

Not that it all falls there. Why is Cleveland even in the games? Why are we playing for the last shot from the beginning of the game?

These guys are killing me...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt...

Why I like my wife: The other day, while mowing the lawn, the wife was out and picking various items - rocks, branches, toys, whatever, up from the lawn for me. As she clearly was finishing (and in the way), I chased her with the lawn mower teasingly. This lasted a couple of times; until she became complacent. The last time, I chased her all over the yard leaving loops and whorls in my wonderful pattern.

Her response? Oh, that was to laugh, come inside, then dump water on my head from the deck.

Still not sure who got the best of who on this deal, but I have to say, no matter what happens in our household, we have fun almost every day. So, why do I like my wife? Because she allows me to have fun, has fun back, and we truly enjoy torturing each other and the children. In the end, we laugh until we cry and then do it all again. What could possibly be better than that?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Truck Trouble...

My neighbor and I are building an erosion system since every time it rains, his yard gets eroded. So, after three years, we've started making progress to stop this. To make this work, we are building a series of trenches and filling the trenches with rocks to hold them open. The trenches are designed to catch and route the rain water where we want it to go. At this point we have all of the trenches dug and last weekend we began distributing the rocks in the trenches.

Unfortunately, we didn't quite get finished to where we were supposed to...which meant leaving (literally) a ton of rock in my truck overnight. Then, it decided to rain all night and most of the day. Late in the day, with the weather choosing not to break fully, I knew I needed to get the rock out of my truck as I would need it (without the extra weight) the next day.

Instead of staying close to the house (where it was dryer) - my bright idea was to drive right down to where the rain usually funnels (where it was wetter). When I didn't like my position, I figured the extra weight would help me get traction. Ummm, no. At this point, the only thing to do was to dump the load and figure out where to go from there. So, we began dumping the rocks out of my truck and it began to downpour. By the end, I was a huge, wet, mud ball mess.

We ended up needing to call the other neighbor over to tow my truck out (much to everyones amusement). This is the same guy who pulled it out when yet another neighbor got it stuck in his yard. I got even muddier crawling under the truck to hook it up for the tow. The wife is taking pictures, the neighbors are giving me a hard time, and even the kids were picking on me. Can't say it wasn't deserved, but it is hard for me to deal with those situations where I can't even make a comment back without making the whole thing worse.

Happy Mother's Day...

For all mothers and mothers-to-be: I hope you have a wonderful day full of love and caring from your families.

This morning, my wife got to sleep in, then put up with burnt muffins and playful bickering with her family - strange, but this is how we have fun and show each other we care. All in all, it has been a good morning. Later today, we're going to go see the Braves and just try to have a relaxing day all of today.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Big Brother

It is not 1984, but thanks to 9/11 and Bush, Big Brother is here.

Click on the title and you'll be transferred to the latest article on the NSA phone database.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


The kids are beginning to suffer from this long standing disease. As the school year comes closer to an end (all of the kids are out here in the next two weeks), it is becoming more and more obvious. Last night (and this morning for various reasons), the youngest was working on a spelling assignment involving writing sentences. Here are the basic rules:

-Sentence must include the spelling word
-Sentence must also involve a basic topic (this week: People in America)

Best sentence not given to the child (using the spelling word WHEN): "We went to the fair."

And the child couldn't figure out why the sentence wouldn't work. Even worse, the first pass on the sentence was: "People in America went to the fair."

Yep, the child has tuned out for the summer - at least until I come up with sentences for the kid to write. Ahhh, good times torturing children...

Friday, May 05, 2006

The world is full of strange people...

Try this person. I KNOW my wife has enough trouble with me, why would she want multiples?

Then, if that doesn't make you feel better, there's always this guy.

These people are procreating. Seriously, the gene pool needs some chlorination folks...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tub Time...

While the youngest was taking a bath:

Mom: Shout up and see how that child is doing
Me: Kid? How are you doing?
Youngest: Fine.
Me: You haven't drowned yet?
Youngest: Nope.
Mom: Ask if the kid washed hair yet...
Me: Have you washed your hair?
Youngest: Yep.
Me: How 'bout your butt?
Youngest: Nope.
Me: Well, start thinking about it. You need to get out of the tub soon...
Youngest: Okay.

(count 1, count 2)

Youngest: I've thought about it...Nope, don't really want to wash my butt...Can it wait a little while longer?

Monday, May 01, 2006


Say what you will, but the Captain has been incredible. He has led for years by example. Whether he retires after this or not, he has brought many incredible moments. The Wings played 40 minutes of some of the most incredible hockey and truly didn't play the last 20 minutes. Legace, while not stellar, played about as well as you can expect of a goalie. He made the saves he needed to make. This game, more so than any of the others, the rest of the team failed to make the plays in the last 20. Horrible mistakes leaving players wide open and leaving Legace to make impossible saves. Edmonton didn't deserve to win - they came in and took every game they won. They made the plays when they had to - across the board. The Wings finally played dump and chase very well, but not for the entire game.

So, Captain, if you choose to go, you showed in this game exactly why you'll be missed. Other players need to step up and get the job done, and once again, they didn't. For the rest of the boys, in case you didn't know, the season is made in the playoffs, winning the Stanley Cup - not the President's trophy.

The long wait until next season begins...

What a day...

What is a sport fan to do when both of his favorite teams are playing at the same time? Why, utilize the little known feature of his TV - Picture in Picture. In so doing, I was able to watch both the Wings and the Pistons while both teams dominated play.

Let the good times roll...

Better than TV

There is a reason I put up with it...but sometimes, I have trouble remembering it...

The other night, after working hard, I settled onto the couch to listen to my MP3 player. I have an iPod with a stand, and in this particular case, I put the stand on my chest and laid down to rest. The rest of the family (at least those not already in bed) were playing cards and having a good time. I guess sleep overcame the joy of the rest of my family. They all stopped what they were doing to point and laugh.

Seems that once I fell to sleep, the iPod and its stand started moving to my breathing making it almost seem to dance. I awoke to being laughed and pointed at. I was more amusing than cards, tv, or any other distraction. Glad I'm needed, even if it is for amusement only... ;)