Sunday, October 31, 2004


We've got Batman, a dear devil, and a wonderful leopard this year. Still not sure what our kids will be going as...

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Happy Birthday...

So, the birthday party is ending, and there are balloons everywhere. Children are trying to see how many they can keep in the air at one time (8 children versus 12 balloons and yet somehow the balloons keep winning). The next game of course becomes beating each other with balloons. This is my kinda game, which is why it ends up with me chasing all of the children around the house beating them. Another birthday party well worth the time.

Please drive through...

Son: Mom, mom, mom
Mom: Just a minute honey
Son: Mom, mom, mom
Mom: (exasperated) What is it honey?
Son: Can I have more dinner?
Mom: Honey, can you see I'm helping your sister right now?
Son: Yeah. Mom, mom, mom?
Mom: What is it dear?
Son: Can I have more dinner?
Mom: (totally exasperated) I'm helping your sister; I will get you more dinner in just a minute. Please drive through...
Son: (Bewildered look) Um, OK. (pretends to drive car) Brrrrrrmmmmm....

Another fun day at the homestead.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Another day older...

So, today is the middle child's birthday. She has turned 7. It's always fun to remember the joy that presents, cupcakes and parties bring to you at that age. Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2004


So, we're chatting with the neighbor when up walks the boy child with a big smile on his face. My wife pinches his butt and realizes he's not wearing underwear. Incredulously she asks the question she already knows the answer to, and he starts giggling...

"Nope, I've been commando since yesterday morning..."

Ahhh, the joys of childhood. Now I'm beginning to wonder why we spent the extra money getting spiderman underwear.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Soccer...or dance practice...

So I take my son to his soccer practice today and I became very confused. Every time there was the slightest break in the action, all of the kids started breaking out in their favorite forms of freestyle dance; kids getting their groove on in every fashion imaginable. It's the first time that I realized my son could do an Irish jig...and he's pretty good too.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Every four years...

Every four years I find a new bunch of people I don't like. Watching the debates, I realize that I don't tust either candidate. I'd rather put anyone in the white house besides these yahoos. Bush sounds whiny and is lying while Kerry sounds better, but obviously isn't telling the whole truth either.

Where's the snoopy vote go? I want to vote for Woodstock. Charlie keeps asking for details on how the candidates are going to cut the deficit and neither candidate is giving an answer. Geez, it really is sad when you'd rather have a true crook in office rather than these legalized versions.

Dawn of a new day...

So, my youngest daughter finds one of our credit cards and states emphatically..."Ooooh, a credit card...I could buy all sorts of things."

To which my wife replies: "Sweetie, where would you use it? You can't possibly think I'd give you a ride to spend my money." (as if we don't do that already...)

Final answer, without missing a beat - "I'll just use the computer and order off the internet..."

Nice that the 6 year old is comfortable with that already...I'm thinking it's time to lock the PC up...

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Just another fun family day...

So, it's been another day in daddy reality.

My oldest reminds me just how much she loves me by responding to every thing I say with a roll of her eyes and stating "Yeah, right". Then, ups the ante with "Dad, you are SOO weird". Good thing she was just kidding (I think).

Next, the middle child giggles, bats her eyes and just thinks I'm gonna melt. I'll tell you, her future boyfriends are in touble.

Last, there's the boy. He runs around all day in his redneck camouflage, then goes to his soccer game where he and is team mates each score about 10 goals apiece with the exception of one little girl who tries very hard but is neither as fast or aggresive as her team mates. So, on one play, my son takes the ball from the other team, dribbles through the opposition and down the length of the field, stops the ball on the goal line, encourages his team mate to catch up and when she does he passes it to her so she can score. Now, that's what I call team work.