Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fabulous and 40!

My good friend Karen turns 40 on November 5th, so we went out to celebrate with her this weekend! We had a blast! A bunch of folks met early and went to dinner. We had an earlier commitment so we met up with them at about 10:30 at East Andrews. Now, I have to say I was skeptical at first because of what I have heard about E. Andrews.....that it is as "meat market" being the married type, I haven't had a great pull to go there. I can honestly say I was wrong and have probably missed out on some great fun. I am sure some of the great fun was who I was with and also the rockin' 80's band that was there. I really wish I had gotten some pics of the band because they were hysterical. Only one guy had his authentic hair, all the other guys had 80's style wigs with bandanas holding them on. Not to mention the tights!!! OMG, the tights! The lead singer could have been the product of Steven Tyler and Axl Rose procreation. The lead guitar player was in a freakin lawn chair because of a broken femur. Gotta give him kudos. I could go on and on, but really they were great all around. Awesome songs, singing, flashbacks to David Lee Roth.....etc!! We then went over to 5 Paces bar and continued the celebration. Now I must reveal I was 100% sober the entire night, only because I was scared straight on our was to the bars. We went thru one of those sobriety check points that you always hear about but I have not actually seen. Holy crap!!! What seems like millions of cops have the road blocked off into a check point where you MUST stop and be checked. If you even attempt to turn around, there are 2 cop cars on you immediately. We know this for a fact because a guy in front of us tried it. Off to the side in a parking lot was 4 or 5 flatbeds waiting patiently for impounded vehicles....Amazing sight! Thus, I drank only diet coke all night. Not a drinker and driver, but I wasn't going to risk anything. I wanted to be able to state I had had NOTHING to drink if the situation arose. So was still a blast to be the only sober one. Drunk people are freaking hillarious! Myself and another unknown woman that seemed quite sober were freaked by a 4'10" man weighing at least 300lbs. Which he promptly fell down in the bar....weebles wobble and they DO fall down!!! :) LMAO! We could do nothing but laugh. Anyways, here's to good friends and good fun! Happy Birthday Karen!