Monday, October 27, 2008

Hubby's home

Hubby came home last night after being gone for 7 days. I know he has a job that requires a lot of travel at times, however, he hasn't travelled in quite a long time, several months. I am a bit rusty at it and it was a challenge this past week. 3 kids, 3 extracurriculars, while working was tough. Thankfully I have great friends who helped me out with some of it, or I'd probably be in a corner babbling worse! My goal this week is to eat less chocolate and restart the exercise and maybe even eat a veggie or 2! But with Halloween candy in the house, can't promise a thing! We missed you honey, more than you know. xoxoxoxo

Joke present???

As you all know, it was recently the middle childs birthday. Being that the hubby was in MI all last week, my SIL sent the b-day gift home with him, thus arriving home last night. The middle kiddo excitedly opened all of gift, knowing my SIL knows them well and gives well appreciated gifts. She got a very cool Lego house building kit, window markers, and the gift she wanted most.....Zoo Tycoon for DS. She was so happy with all of them and couldn't wait to play with each. She asked if she could play with the Lego's first which I shot down because it was 8:30 pm and bedtime was approaching, so she happily chose to play Zoo Tycoon. Opening the case, she found no game in it!!!! Now, I know it is most likely at my SIL home, "tested" by my nephew, and somehow didn't make it back to the case before wrapping. The look on her face was priceless!!! Like we were all playing some cruel joke on her, poor kid. She kept waiting for us to let her in on the punchline. I chatted with my SIL this am, the game has been found and mailed to the duped kid. I can't help but giggle though, I really wish I had caught the look on her face on camera. Oopsie!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I believe......

I believe there is Prozac in Twix bars........or at least some kind of magic!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Master of Disaster

Ok, the middle child had a doctor appt. this afternoon for Tetnus booster, menangitis, HPV, and flu shots. They told me she wouldn't feel great today and definitely sore from the Tetnus booster and HPV shots, and of course they were correct. She has a headache, tired and arms feel like sore lead, thus she is home with me this afternoon. At 1:30, I get a call from the elementary school nurse, stating the youngest is there with an injury. Now, those of you who have been reading for some time and the ones who know us, know we are the accident prone family. I blame the hubby's genes! :) I have now dubbed the youngest as the Master of Disaster because of many reasons, but mostly for his ability to obtain eye injuries and kickball injuries. He has already been to the nurse twice, not once, but TWICE after being poked in the eye. Once with a pencil and the second with a ruler. Neither were serious thank goodness. Last year he managed to fall on a jagged rock while playing kickball and getting 10 stitched and a knee imobilizer on his leg. Today he combined the 2.....kickball and eye injury. As stated by the child, he was the pitcher and accidentally rolled it too slowly to the kicker, thus making it very easy for the kicker to get a great shot. He took a very hard kicked ball to the left eye. Hard enough to knock him on his booty and silly for a minute. I think he will get a pretty good shiner out of the deal. Of course he will wear it proudly while I will get funny looks. After the day I've had so far......It's five o'clock somewhere!!!!


Hubby left for the week yesterday for the long drive to MI to assist his mom after some surgery. He wasn't 6 hours up I-75 when things started to break in the house!!!! GRRRRRRR......First, something is wrong with the garage door sensor, it will close, but won't stop closing, so it pushes all the way to the ground and then goes back up. Second, the dryer ate, yes literally, ate one of the teenagers cami's. I had to cut it out with scissors and when I tried to restart it, it makes a very loud banging sound! :( I wasn't even 1/2 done with the laundry because of the birthday celebration. Boo Hoo! So, today I am off to the laundrymat to finish the laundry and placing a call to the repair man. On the bright side, hubby made it safely to his sisters in MI. Always gotta find the bright side, even through gritted teeth.

Happy 11th to the middle child

Happy birthday kiddo!!! Our middle one turned 11 on Sunday. Just like all parents, I cannot believe it! Where has the time gone? I remember her being born just like yesterday. Her funny fuzzy hair that stuck up all over (think static) until she was 18mos old. Cute cute cute!!! Now she's a witty, thoughtful, brilliant, beautiful middle schooler!!! We had a blast for her party. The whole family and 4 friends went ice skating and then had a bonfire with smores! She was so excited about all of her gifts from everyone. My only beef with the present we got her was, the ipod we got her is way cooler than mine purchased just 2 short years ago. The technology is advancing so fast! So far, I am unable to get her to switch with me...... Oh well, happy birthday babe!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good times with Bean

This past weekend was AWESOME! My best friend Bean/Loretta/Lori came to visit us from MI. We've know eachother for a lot of years (20 or so), so there is a lot of history between us.....and we are more like sisters. No airs, not acts, just plain good times. Here are some of the highlights: McCracken's Bar (our fav down here), red snapper shots, Romanian cuties (even cute with the beer goggles off the next night-good job Bean), very large skeleton heads (please say they sanitize that occasionally, or at least let the amount of alcohol in my system protect me from God knows what was on that when I placed it on my head!), Seth Rogan wanna be's drunk as heck-hand on hip-underwear showing-hitting on poor unsuspecting women, my hubby NOT going to jail for my obnoxious mouth while loudly heckling Seth Rogan wanna-be boy loudly in the bar! tee hee, Wendy and Rae-friends who joined us for the debauchery even though Rae has a storm trooper contraption on his leg for an injury, nastily made chocolate cake shots with a lot of kick to them, nice safe taxi rides home.
Bean put up with a lot while here, my teenager so kindly refering to her boots as Nanny 911 Boots! LOL, still laughing at that one. She now refers to us as the Price Family Musical, due to our ability to break out in song multiple times a day for most subjects. She spoiled our dog rotten! We ate really yummy, really bad for you food all weekend ie. Cheesecake Factory, La Cabana, Publix cake slices, Belgian waffles floating in syrup with chocolate chips, etc.....But I did take her up Kennesaw mountain with me, however it was in a car, so it doesn't count. Alas, back to reality today.YUCK!!!! We miss you already Bean. Come back soon!