Monday, August 22, 2005

Timing of learned things...

On another fine note, KellBell made another post on the girls annual camping trip here which is of note. In this she states several things the girls learned on this years rough experience. Here's my thoughts:

1. Drinking liquor gets you drunk a lot faster than beer. A lesson learned for all future trips.
Me: Most people learn this valuable lesson about the time they start drinking. For some, it is illegally at about 17, while others wait until sometime in their college years. Kegs stands are fun, but as the saying goes, "Liquor is quicker".

2. Getting drunk before noon is only entertaining for some. And as quoted by Bean..."I've heard alcohol impairs your judgement."
Me: This truly depends on where you are standing. If you are the individual getting drunk before noon and not being entertained, then you are the entertainment. If on the other hand, if you are the sober one while others are enjoying the entertainment, then you are the object the entertainment (or drunkard) is focused on. This means you need to either relax and put the focus back on the entertainment or you need to drink more, whichever is easier.

3. Making new friends by calling the wrong cell phone number is a lot of fun! We had an exciting weekend with Chuck over the phone. :)
Me: Ummmm, I'm still trying to figure out why my wife was continually texting a total stranger - while sober even.

4. Four drunk girls changing clothes in one room...not as hot as you'd think.
Me: Send the (explicit) pictures and we'll be the judge. ;)

5. Drunk people should avoid playground equipment. It can be very hazardous and also swings can cause motion sickness. :)
Me: And as we have begun, so we must end. This is again another novel lesson learned at the beginning of the drinking career. Usually ends with someone using the swing to support themselves as they recall what they had for breakfast 3 weeks ago.


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Scottland said...

I believe that Kellbell has stumbled onto something here. This new type of wisdom, inspired by alkyhol. Its so simple, yet profound. Perhaps she could be the founding matron a learned institution based on this new type of knowledge. It might be called Alcoholics Unanymous, Ernest & Julio Gallo Univ., Jack Daniels college, Tequila Universitat.

darprice said...

LMAO - Scottland, that is just too funny...

KellBell said...

Bite me, both of you!