Monday, August 22, 2005

The Best

I just returned from my annual girls weekend in MI, as you may have seen my hubbys earlier blog. It is my favorite weekend of every year. Just us 4 girls relaxing, drinking (in case you missed that from my hubby), eating way too much crap, and just catching up on life. As we all get older (ouch, sorry) and life situations change, you just don't have enough time to chit chat with eachother or go out with eachother like we used to. So this is very important to us. It is never a long enough time together, I always find myself wishing we could hang out a few more days.....however, 2 days "roughing it" is plenty....hey, we're still girls. I am still laughing as I sit here and think of all the things said/done through out the weekend. I have found, that we all have our strengths and weaknesses as I am sure all of us have found out and I think we work together quite well. I am still being teased about bringing a papertowel holder camping....just call me Martha. And Bean goes to the bottom of Ohio instead of the Cincinati area......and we are all great at saying some stupid things, especially when imbibing. This year we all took notes on the crazy stuff that we say.....thanks Bean for taking such good notes! We all got shirts and put the 3 funniest quote from each of us on the shirt. With plans of adding more. Here is a snippet of the quotes....I won't tell you who said them, only we can know this. "I'm becoming not in shape to drive you to food" "Be careful-it almost went in my mouth" "I have a problem with beef juice" and I've had worse things on my ass (than dorito cheese)" Not one of these is sexual and for those of you thinking that way.....Guess you had to be there to get the full effect. We know how dang funny we are. Ladies, thank you for such a great weekend.....You are all fabulous women and great friends....I miss you already. Love ya Can't wait until next year.


Anonymous said...

The tiredness that didn't happen yesterday has finally caught up with me, and I am whipped! I had such a good time, and I have 3 of the greatest friends in the world! And yes - you made roughing it much easier with that dang paper towel holder! I'll see you at the bottome :)


KellBell said...

LOL, I'm tired too!!! I had a fabulous time and wish we could do it more often. :) Love you all!!

PS - The paper towel holder did come in handy. :|