Sunday, August 21, 2005

Roughing it...

As I stated in the previous post, my wife is on her annual "roughing it" camping trip with the girls. Usually, this consists of drinking, tents, trees, drinking, no running water, no electricity, tubing on a river which is also used to keep the drinks cold (for drinking).

This year? This year the girls decided they needed a change of pace. While the place is not the Ritz, it sure is a far cry from roughing it. They've got electricity and air conditioning in a nice cabin. They are close enough to civilization that my wife has been able to text me about 6 times per day while she's been away. Not that I mind, but I do find it very amusing that she's gone all that way to get away from me and the kids, yet is sending me messages on a regular basis.

The other amusing thing which has happened so far? Well, ever since we moved away, my wife needs to fly in order to meet the friends for this trip. This year, the airline she's on decides to have a mechanic strike on the very weekend of her trip. So, her flight out was cancelled prior to her leaving in order to prepare for the strike. While this isn't the amusing part, the fact that she tried calling her friend who was to pick her up from the airport and got Chuck, that's where things start to get funny. Chuck seems to be the man who got this cell phone number where her friend switched companies (I'm thinking it must have been before portable numbers). Anyway, Chuck politely told my wife her friend didn't have this number anymore and probably thought little more about it. In the meantime, I got in touch with her ride AND got the right cell phone number - all is right in the world.

Ah, if that only worked with my wife...See, she was rescheduled with a very early flight out the next day...probably too little coffee, but she started text messaging Chuck to tell her she was in town. Multiple times.

Chuck, instead of getting upset, I mean, here is a beautiful woman calling him all the time, informing him she's on her way to meet other beautiful women (so what if three of them are taken) - why get upset? As it stands now, we think the single girl and Chuck are going to meet up some time. With my wife's track record of getting people together with good stories, everyone should wish the happy couple well...and keep in mind, this is what comes from "roughing it".

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