Thursday, August 04, 2005

...but we almost made it...

I think my brother in law is trying to get even for his house being an instant enema for my children. Whoops, wait a second, I suppose I should explain that one before I go too much further.

Since they were wee little tikes, my two youngest would go to my sister's house, (ever so much easier when we were a half block away), and have their best poop five seconds into the house. We were never quite sure if it was induced from them or if they just saved if for sharing pleasure over there, but I would guess that is getting off the main topic and maybe a story for a slow blogging time.

The main topic I'm trying to get to is that while I own a plunger, I frequently go years without using it...unless of course the Grays come to which case there will be a need to at least know of it's existence. In this case, my brother in law goes into the bathroom just after we get the kids in bed for his "daily download". 20 minutes or so later he comes out with a smirk and a call for all adults. His starting line? It is not my fault, however, I do believe we'll need a plunger to finish the job.

In further inspection, he claims it was his wife, his child, anybody but him. But, with each and every further question, it becomes clear that it could be no one else...

Me: "Um, if the toilet was already stopped up, why didn't you call for the plunger before hand?"
Him: "Well, you see, the dynamics of the poop..."
Me: "Um, yeah, I don't really plugged up the toilet, here's the plunger"

At which point he takes the plunger, begins whistling a tune, and finishes completing the transaction...

UPDATE: For those interested in reading the rebuttal, click here. It's not over yet, more will be heard/read and relief will be had!!!!

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