Monday, August 22, 2005

And the blog wars have begun...

Not exactly sure why I feel the need to defend my post, but a short while ago I wrote this. In response, one of the girls wrote this.

Now, I agree that they didn't have all the perks and compensations of what most people would consider a nice vacation. However, this trip was never planned on being a vacation. It was cheap entertainment to get the girls together and have some fun. This years' little jaunt however, was not exactly the vision this trip began with. There was electricity, there was air conditioning, there was shopping. Again, not the Ritz, but when you can sit comfortably cool playing cards and drinking alcohol in the middle of a drop down rainstorm, it is not exactly roughing it either.

UPDATE: If I heard correctly, next year's trip isn't supposed to be camping. Not sure if it's a result of the lack of some of the rough edges on this year's trip or not, but let me start by wishing you all lots of luck and clean fun in Vegas next year!!!

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susabellpr said...

LMAO!!! Does he know us or what?!