Monday, July 23, 2007

Yeah, its kinda like that...

Today was a fun day. The best part? Ooh, that had to be when the door handle to the garage broke. I'll start by saying, that in my entire life in the midwest, I cannot think of a time EVER that I've had or heard of a door handle breaking. Here in the south, I've had it happen twice in 5 years (and one of those was on a door handle less than a year old).

So, I tell the wife I'm going to get door handles...She tells me she's going with. Why, I ask (innocently and not really wanting the answer, but knowing she'd just ruin my Depot time...). The answer? Because the last time you bought a door handle, you bought that ugly BRONZE thing...

Now, in my defense, I bought the "ugly bronze thing" because she wanted a "non-gold tone" handle with a dead bolt. This fit the description and was to the contrary, not ugly. She even admitted it...BEFORE I INSTALLED IT. Bygones.

So, she travels with me to the Depot, where she proceeds to attempt to pick out the MOST EXPENSIVE DECORATIVE handle...FOR THE GARAGE. Bygones. Suffice it to say she didn't get that one. We did get something a bit more beer pocket book.

On the way home, we have the following (snippet of) conversation:

Wife: blah, blah, blah blah blah. Well I guess that just isn't her jar of cookies.
Me: Huh?
Wife: Oh, you know, her bag of potatoe chips.
Me: Do you mean "cup of tea"?
Wife: Yeah, that's it. I knew it was some form of measured food.
Me: Hmmm. Last time I checked, a cup of tea wasn't a food...

But, yeah, I guess its kinda like that...She is soooo pretty...


KellBell said...

That literally me made laugh out loud. God I miss you guys.

darprice said...

As long as it didn't make you snort, we're probably OK. ;)

We miss you too!!!