Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ice cream debacle

The husband LOVES ice cream! With that said, the kids and their friends wanted an evening snack of ice cream. I scoop out most of the remaining cookie dough ice cream and then give the remainder in the carton to the oldest(there was like 4 bites). Husband sees said ice cream container and bellows something about why doesn't he get any!?? GEEZ! Thus begins the rustling thru the freezer in which hubby then brings out, what he thinks, his next favorite, Oreo. That's when I had to drop the bomb on him that it really is plain vanilla ice cream with an Oreo lid I had mixed up. LMAO!! At this point there is a notable amount of steam rolling from his ears and me doubled over in laughter trying desperately not to pee myself. Poor baby had to suffer with stinkin frozen chocolate yogurt! Yum! I'm still giggling.

1 comment:

darprice said...

I'm less worried about this post than the fact that the wife keeps peeing herself...

I think it is time to invest in "Depends".