Monday, October 13, 2008

Good times with Bean

This past weekend was AWESOME! My best friend Bean/Loretta/Lori came to visit us from MI. We've know eachother for a lot of years (20 or so), so there is a lot of history between us.....and we are more like sisters. No airs, not acts, just plain good times. Here are some of the highlights: McCracken's Bar (our fav down here), red snapper shots, Romanian cuties (even cute with the beer goggles off the next night-good job Bean), very large skeleton heads (please say they sanitize that occasionally, or at least let the amount of alcohol in my system protect me from God knows what was on that when I placed it on my head!), Seth Rogan wanna be's drunk as heck-hand on hip-underwear showing-hitting on poor unsuspecting women, my hubby NOT going to jail for my obnoxious mouth while loudly heckling Seth Rogan wanna-be boy loudly in the bar! tee hee, Wendy and Rae-friends who joined us for the debauchery even though Rae has a storm trooper contraption on his leg for an injury, nastily made chocolate cake shots with a lot of kick to them, nice safe taxi rides home.
Bean put up with a lot while here, my teenager so kindly refering to her boots as Nanny 911 Boots! LOL, still laughing at that one. She now refers to us as the Price Family Musical, due to our ability to break out in song multiple times a day for most subjects. She spoiled our dog rotten! We ate really yummy, really bad for you food all weekend ie. Cheesecake Factory, La Cabana, Publix cake slices, Belgian waffles floating in syrup with chocolate chips, etc.....But I did take her up Kennesaw mountain with me, however it was in a car, so it doesn't count. Alas, back to reality today.YUCK!!!! We miss you already Bean. Come back soon!


Anonymous said...

I had a blast!! But you left out "code tampon" - which really does work...thanks for putting up with me, encouraging your children to sit on me, and not letting me fall down! I love all of you, and I can't wait to do it again :)

KellBell said...

Aww...I wish I had been with you all :( But I'm glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

But she says nothing about the video.... I wonder why?

We had a blast but couldn't do it two nights in a row.... we're wimps.

Love Ya'll

Wendy and Rey :)