Sunday, September 28, 2008

No go go juice!!!!

I'm not sure if all is aware, but here in metro Atlanta, we are expiriencing a severe gasoline shortage. Since hurricane Ike shut down several refineries etc., we have literally been out of gas. It's rather spooky to drive and drive and drive and EVERY gas station is closed. And if you do happen upon an open one, it is very apparent because of the enormous lines. Most people are waiting in-line 45mins to 2 hrs for a tank of gas. The stations are getting deliveries in the A.M. and are completely out by the afternoon. Usually these shipments last a week long. Hubby and I went out last night at midnight searching and were quite lucky. We were able to find a station with gas 20 mins from our house and only had to wait about 30 mins. I am not complaining too loudly because there are folks out there much worse off than us. We are fortunate I only work part time and hubby works from home. I was pleased as punch to pay 4.49 per gallon last night, unfortuately there was a limit of 45.00 per car. Oh well, guess I will have to do it again this week. They say this will continue for at least another week. Wish us all luck!

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KellBell said...

That sucks so much!! I've thought of you every time I see it on the news. :( And its sad that they're charging 4.49, damn bloodsuckers!! I was super excited ours went down to 3.18 this week. Its still sad when you get excited about $3+ gas!