Monday, October 27, 2008

Joke present???

As you all know, it was recently the middle childs birthday. Being that the hubby was in MI all last week, my SIL sent the b-day gift home with him, thus arriving home last night. The middle kiddo excitedly opened all of gift, knowing my SIL knows them well and gives well appreciated gifts. She got a very cool Lego house building kit, window markers, and the gift she wanted most.....Zoo Tycoon for DS. She was so happy with all of them and couldn't wait to play with each. She asked if she could play with the Lego's first which I shot down because it was 8:30 pm and bedtime was approaching, so she happily chose to play Zoo Tycoon. Opening the case, she found no game in it!!!! Now, I know it is most likely at my SIL home, "tested" by my nephew, and somehow didn't make it back to the case before wrapping. The look on her face was priceless!!! Like we were all playing some cruel joke on her, poor kid. She kept waiting for us to let her in on the punchline. I chatted with my SIL this am, the game has been found and mailed to the duped kid. I can't help but giggle though, I really wish I had caught the look on her face on camera. Oopsie!

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