Monday, October 20, 2008


Hubby left for the week yesterday for the long drive to MI to assist his mom after some surgery. He wasn't 6 hours up I-75 when things started to break in the house!!!! GRRRRRRR......First, something is wrong with the garage door sensor, it will close, but won't stop closing, so it pushes all the way to the ground and then goes back up. Second, the dryer ate, yes literally, ate one of the teenagers cami's. I had to cut it out with scissors and when I tried to restart it, it makes a very loud banging sound! :( I wasn't even 1/2 done with the laundry because of the birthday celebration. Boo Hoo! So, today I am off to the laundrymat to finish the laundry and placing a call to the repair man. On the bright side, hubby made it safely to his sisters in MI. Always gotta find the bright side, even through gritted teeth.

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KellBell said...

Oh that sucks!! Hope all is fixed soon!