Monday, October 20, 2008

Master of Disaster

Ok, the middle child had a doctor appt. this afternoon for Tetnus booster, menangitis, HPV, and flu shots. They told me she wouldn't feel great today and definitely sore from the Tetnus booster and HPV shots, and of course they were correct. She has a headache, tired and arms feel like sore lead, thus she is home with me this afternoon. At 1:30, I get a call from the elementary school nurse, stating the youngest is there with an injury. Now, those of you who have been reading for some time and the ones who know us, know we are the accident prone family. I blame the hubby's genes! :) I have now dubbed the youngest as the Master of Disaster because of many reasons, but mostly for his ability to obtain eye injuries and kickball injuries. He has already been to the nurse twice, not once, but TWICE after being poked in the eye. Once with a pencil and the second with a ruler. Neither were serious thank goodness. Last year he managed to fall on a jagged rock while playing kickball and getting 10 stitched and a knee imobilizer on his leg. Today he combined the 2.....kickball and eye injury. As stated by the child, he was the pitcher and accidentally rolled it too slowly to the kicker, thus making it very easy for the kicker to get a great shot. He took a very hard kicked ball to the left eye. Hard enough to knock him on his booty and silly for a minute. I think he will get a pretty good shiner out of the deal. Of course he will wear it proudly while I will get funny looks. After the day I've had so far......It's five o'clock somewhere!!!!

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KellBell said...

LMAO!! And of course this is all when your husband is out of town. :)