Monday, July 24, 2006

We're baaaaack...

Back from the camping trip and thought I'd share a few little tidbits:

1) 7 kids, 4 adults. 'Nuff said.

2) The dog HATED the neighbors forcing us to put her on a leash after a short while for the entire duration they were there. For those of you who know Minnie, this is a rare occurrence that she would continually go forth and bark at the neighbors. Apparently her instincts are spot on however, since all of the adults had to resist the urge to go and bark ourselves at the neighbors long about 2am when the drunks were still screaming (drunkenly) in the rain. This is still prior to when they started the dance party from their car at 2:15am

3) Rained all weekend. I blamed the neice and nephew which went over well - until it hurt the neice's feelings. Call me Uncle Heel.

4) Kids played all weekend on "Pride Rock" and no one fell the 20 feet to the ground. Simply amazing.

5) The older children came home with red knuckles. (Thanks for kicking my butt at the hand slap game as a kid, sis. Now I understand why you did it...)

6) Who knew that the new tent came not only with air conditioning (a brand spanking hole), but also an indoor pool? Have I mentioned I dislike rain on camping trips?

7) The dog's snack attacked the nephew.

No, seriously. One of the neighbors brought along a puppy pug, who thought Minnie would be great fun. Unfortunately, she HATES other dogs, especially yippie little pugs apparently. So, while the little wiener schnizzle ran up and I corralled my "fiercesome beast" (at least when it comes to animals weighing less than 10 ozs), she started barking. This caused the pug to change direction and "leap" (white man style) at the nephew who proceeded to scream like a little girl "it's attacking me...get it away!!!". I picked up the pug/rat just as soon as the tears subsided, I promise.

8) Several of the brood missed the pug/rat and decided to generate the best quote and tag line of the weekend.

Middle: Mom, we're going to walk over to the other camp site, for no apparent reason, just because we didn't get to see the dog and we want to. Is that OK with you? (This was the money quote).
Mom: So basically, what you are telling me is that you have no reason to go there, but to ogle the neighbors dog, so you are making up a reason?
Middle: Yep, that just about sums it up.
Me: So, you're going to go do a walk by pugging? (This is now officially my new tag line)

All in all, we had lots of fun on the trip. Kids were pretty good, rain stayed mostly at night, and we were able to laugh and enjoy it. I'm sure there will be other good stories coming soon as the house becomes loaded...stay tuned...

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