Friday, July 28, 2006

Fun with the fam...

Ever have one of those nights? You know, the nights where you hang with the family, adults and kids and play a little game called "Sally Walker"? Point being to walk in a circle, pick someone, do a dance, then the person you pick has to do the same thing? Yeah, neither did I until now. Video will be coming soon, although I may have to post it on at the same time...(assuming I can secure the rights of all parties involved as they WILL be embarassed).

Anyway, that led us to Roll with Saget and then over to There, we played with the Chinese Backstreet Boys and others. Best was still Evolution of Dance.

Picture if you will, 8 people: 6 adults and two older children, huddled around a laptop screen, watching internet video. And they say IPTV won't ever make it...HA!!!

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