Saturday, July 08, 2006

Germany wins....

Well, I am inebriated before 5pm.....We went to see the world cup game between the white and red team aka.....Germany and Portugal. Of course I didn't know this and had to be schooled. I am a hockey fan. But must say soccer is quite fun to watch, especailly after 4 pints. Germany won!!! I guess that is who is we wanted to won considering we were with someone from England and apparently they hate Portuagal.....whatever.....just give me another pint along with some yummy fried onionrings. YUM!!!! It is quite amazing the things you see at a bar....especially when you don't tend to frequent them....I love the coin slots, ass crack on 40ish fat men, and the 60ish yr. old men who don't lock the restroom doors and then they tell you it's ok, like you were sorry you walked in on them should apologize, because I never really needed to see something like that!!! Anyways, it was still quite fun, however, it is quite difficult to type being inebriated and all. I love the delete button. Hubby is now kissing my ear...gotta go. No kids till.......Saturday.

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