Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Going, going...

<Begin Rant>
This tears it. *Note: I have not verified the linked story separately*. I am absolutely fed up with the federal government feeling the American people should have no rights. Between phone taps and online taps and other electronic surveillance, I am completely fed up.

Honestly, how many people feel safer now than before 9/11? All of you that raised your hands (one, two, three) - is this because there hasn't been an attack, or because you feel the government changed something to make things safer? Personally, I see no major difference now than pre-9/11 and the changes I do see tend to be more red tape and hassle than truly safeguards. Travelling is just as dangerous or more so. Government reaction to catastrophies has declined (Katrina anyone?). How many people are still being held at Gitmo without trials and due process? How many people are being scooped up under the flag of terrorists, but without any proof? Kids, those guys in Miami - yeah, they weren't even armed, nor dangerous to anyone beyond themselves.

Frankly, enough is enough. Americans have a choice. We can stand up for our right to privacy, or we can meekly submit that maybe Big Brother knows best. Personally, I think Orson Wells may have been off by about 20 years, but the reports coming out are very similar to "1985". Not only that, but assuming this is how the government feels the fight on terrorism at home should be fought, why aren't these things going through proper channels? Why not get a federally approved wiretap as opposed to setting up an operation without juris prudence?

You know what? I may not have much to say or many people to say it to, but, I have the right to say whatever it is I want whenever, and to whoever I want to say it. If the government fears my freedom of speech, let them go through the proper channels to set up these taps and the like. Backdoors in equipment? Bad idea. Illegal wiretaps? Bad idea. Open email text? Bad idea. You know, I have enough trouble securing my equipment without the government creating new and exciting ways for bad people to monitor and steal from me. Not only that, but these changes would grant anyone with limited ability to beat whatever encryption I use for off network traffic - meaning nothing would be safe. So, it may come to a point where all of my communication, both on and off network, will need to be encrypted - including voice - just so I can talk to my mother without worrying how what I say may be taken.

Americans, stop worrying about prayer in schools, not a government sanctioned right, and start worrying about the rights you do have, that our soldiers have and are dying for, which are being taken away. If my kids want to pray in school, they can - no one can or will stop them - however, Bobby down the street doesn't have to. If my kids want to call me and complain about their teacher, they should be able to without Dubya getting the call unbeknownst to ANYONE.

Your rights are going, going and almost gone. Along with that will go your (data) security if we aren't careful.
<End Rant>

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Meaghan said...

I went through security at the airport in Providence on the 4th and they did not check my ID. Not ONCE! I even asked the Guard at security if he wanted to see it when he took my boarding pass. "No" he said, "you are OK." I AM NOT OK! Nor am I safe.

You could not be more right on.