Monday, July 24, 2006

STOP THE PRESSES!!! The eye liner wars have begun...

The eye liner wars have begun: Teenager loses eye liner to pirates prior to head exploding.

Several of the rugrats found the hidden eye liner (the stuff I've been unable to find for months mind you). A couple, behaving as pirates, decided to use this "toy" to great advantage. Others decided to write on each others faces with it as a gag. When the teenager whom the eye liner belongs to discovered this catastrophe, a gasket was blown, lifting the roof off the house about 6 inches and moving it two to the right.

When the laughter finally calmed down, it was with great pleasure that the owner of the eye liner figured out there was a sharpener, while with great regret, the others discovered that it isn't very easy to wash off the stuff.

Enjoy the writing - next time, try writing winner...

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