Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Weekend With Friends...

The wife and friends seem to have had a very nice weekend together, even counting the short sleep and extra work that came up for me causing some wrinkles.

The ladies show up at about 8am with a big surprise. After which, everyone sleeps. Later that night, the ladies decide to hit a dive bar and they run into guys with sweatshirts like "I Love Soccer Moms" and patchy hair styles (as in, hair in patches - frequent phrase: "Shave it Dude") and lots of fun hand signals. All of this followed by drunken whispering which only woke up the people in the 3 houses on either side of us.

Sleep to noon to catch up for Friday. I had to work, so the ladies were kinda bummed that they couldn't take off on their forays until about 4:30pm. They went shopping, eating and finally caught up with me around 8pm. Later that night, we hit the same dive bar, but didn't have near the same amount of fun. So, heading home, we were in the door by midnight. The funny part here is that the ladies wanted pizza and no pizza joints were open down here. So, they made up for it by baking a cake including making their own frosting. This caused another late night, but the cake was good.

After having trouble finding coffee, everyone had time to chat. The ladies leave today and signs of missing each other are already starting. Wish they could stay longer, but we'll have to settle for a safe trip home.

Thanks for making the trip girls!!! Wife has enjoyed it, and it definitely was something that came at the right time as she needed the break from the routine I think. So, until next time - take care and we'll be thinking of you often!!!


KellBell said...

That cake was so good!!! Although I had so much fun, it made me realize just how much I miss your family. :( Hopefully we can do it again soon, and when we do, we're flying!!! Thanks for hosting us!!

darprice said...

Never a problem hosting you. As for flying, usually is the better way to go...