Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Joy of Being a Kid...

We gathered a new critter at the homestead this week. The youngest decided we needed a caterpillar. As of today, the critter has been contained in a margarita bucket with the same bit of grass for 2.5 days (must have reminded at LEAST 4 times today to feed the thing new grass and new water). So, later in the day I use the facilities, to find the hand towel wrapped in grass; at first I wondered why we had a small bush on the counter. I was very proud that I finally had been listened to and that the critter had been fed. Fast forward two hours... The child then informs his parents he didn't actually FEED the critter, he watered the old stuff (waste not, want not). At this point, the mother figure asks if she can do that to macaroni and cheese from now on....hmmmm...NOOOOOO.

So, upon reflection, I mentioned that maybe it's time for the critter to be let go. Yeah, that went over well. And this is the child we were thinking about getting a real pet...Nope, not happening yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. a caterpillar. Seems harmless to me! However, Susan's effort with the mac & cheese seems odd. But then, so is Susan!!! Keep up the good work.