Sunday, April 03, 2005

About time (I updated the more about later)...

I was recently told that I hadn't updated the more about later section regarding Easter. Dad and Step-Mom came in and had a good time. Relatives came over and enjoyed the wife's cooking and all of it gave me a good excuse to watch basketball which wouldn't normally happen.

So, some of the high points:

My younger cousin has both been volunteered and volunteered himself to watch the kids - overnight no less. Now the kids want to know if he'll be watching them all summer...

Wife showed off how great a cook she is.

Big Ten teams did well in the tourney.

None of the typical "family day" happenings - everyone got along and seemed to have a good time.

The folks left way too early the next day. I also realize just how poorly I do at 5 am wakeup calls.

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