Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool's Day...

So, I finally got one over on my wife. Typically, April 1 is a day in which I live totally in dread for how my wife will treat me as she tortures her family ruthlessly. This year however, with a little help from her friends, I finally got the better of her. Some of her best friends decided about 3 months ago to make a road trip for this weekend. Now granted, all I did was give directions and keep a secret, but the surprise was well worth it and she seems to have forgotten all about torturing us.

So, some of the pranks:

Susan got me by cutting out a photo of a model and putting it on my work badge.

I got the youngest by pointing out bedroom light was on when it wasn't. However, the funny part was when he wasn't going fast enough and I started telling him to hustle and he replied "I'm hustling my bustl..." and fell on it instead.

The other two have been trying to pull various pranks with varying success. Youngest daughter tried convincing us that her teacher was leaving to teach another class and the oldest was on similar stuff.

I can't wait until tomorrow...

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