Saturday, September 27, 2008

The benefits of exercise......

This Saturday A.M. we started off our day with Dunkin Donuts! Delish, however I am all too aware of the caloric havoc it will wreak upon my hips, so they were purchased with the promise the whole family would hike up Kennesaw Mtn. with me when said caloric heavy breakfast was purchased! We actually had a great time. No whining was heard, no "can we please take a rest?" etc. I am thinking it is because the teenager has been power walking 2 miles per day in P.E. (God bless P.E.)! We all have finished our wonderful hike and are on our way back to the van when I make this apparently silly statement: "Doesn't your body feel energized?" "Don't you feel great after exercizing?" I get the all too honest reply from the teenager...."no, actually my body is stating "W.T.F. this is Saturday, why aren't you still sleeping?" I probably would have been shocked had my body not been screaming the same thing!

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Unknown said...

mmm...donuts! haha!

That's exactly what I'd be thinking after that, too...except i don't get to sleep in ever anymore...ha!