Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1-young punks 0-old folks

For those of you who don't know, we finally finshed our basement! Woo Hoo! It took a long time and more moolah than we had planned, but we are loving it! We also invested in a pool table for the family (but mostly for the grown-ups). Sunday we had some friends over to play pool and watch the Lions get their tails kicked. All was good fun with some smatterings of trash talk between the pool and the football. The best comment of the day came from our teenage daughters boyfriend. We had all spent Saturday together as well at another friends pool party. So the smack talk started with the hubby making some comment to the boyfriend about how come the boyfriend didn't take down the hubby on Saturday in the pool? The boyfriends perfect response was " I didn't want to break your hip Mr. Price!" Much hilarity followed when the hubby chased the boyfriend down and sat on him until he begged for mercy! As the title states.....Young Punks-1 and Old Folks-0

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KellBell said...

LMAO!!! He is fragile and all...tell the boyfriend to go for the knee next time!! LOL