Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vick Pleads Guilty...

Does this truly surprise anyone? Seriously? So, now the question comes down to how severely will he be disciplined by the league? Assuming the government gives Vick 3 years (which I think is not going to happen - I'm looking for 3 months with good behavior), what does the league do? You know the NFL is looking for a harsh penalty so their discipline doesn't have to actually deal with this. Vick was the face of the NFL.

Goodell has an issue here. If he slaps Vick on the wrist (primarily time served assuming actual jail time), what message does that send the league? If, on the other hand, he throws the book at Vick and bans him for life, what does that say about the offenders (sexual, drunken driving, etc.) that are in the league?

Personally, if sports leagues want to clean up, stop offering multiple chances. Players like Pacman Jones don't deserve it. Coaches like Detroit's naked Wendy's late meal orderer, don't deserve it. Somehow, media and fans believe that players deserve breaks. To me, they've already earned their breaks - that would be why they are able to sign deals worth 10 years and $130 million dollars plus lucrative endorsements worth millions as well (hundreds of millions in Vick's case). When they choose to throw that all away, or even risk doing so, to me, that is their choice. Until leagues show this is what will happen consistently, you'll have felons in these leagues. You'll have guns being fired at strip clubs at all hours, you'll have these kids, doing whatever pleases them, because they believe they deserve the priveledge. C'mon, do we really need another Randy Moss riding on the parking meter reader's car - let alone something more serious like Vick showing us he loves dogs?

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