Friday, August 03, 2007

Driving Lessons: To Give or To Receive?

My sister, of the infamous "let's get the brother's truck stuck in my backyard over a submerged beach ball" did it again. Yesterday, she and the wife went for a ride on the North Carolina dunes, when she managed to get a FOUR WHEEL DRIVE vehicle STUCK (rumors say there was another beach ball). So, what do the women do? They get out, adjust shirts for maximum cleavage, and then get a flag a local to stop, break two tow straps, and another local to stop and to free them. At this point, she realizes she needs gas and almost ran out ON THE DUNES...BEFORE getting stuck (several miles from the nearest paved road). Of course, she didn't turn the car off during her stuck truck woes.

So what does she do for a encore? Attempt to run over a road median (albeit a small one) while my wife screams incoherantly.

The children, not getting the bribe they went after, spilled all in about 1 second of hitting the door (while the wives nearly peed their pants while covertly listening downstairs). Eventually, they were found because they couldn't stop giggling.

So, do you give or receive driving lessons?


Scottland said...

Hey, if you got it, flaunt it.

Unknown said...

I just have to ask - does Susan have a bladder control problem? She seems to pee her pants a lot. :-) (Sorry Susan!)

darprice said...

No, Susan does not have a bladder control problem, (3 kids has a lot to do with it I'm sure), but maybe we SHOULD start the depends therapy to avoid unsightly "accidents", or maybe I should stop picking on her and the kids so much...naw, that's just too dang much fun!

Unknown said...

I hope you're nice to her once in a while at least! :-)

darprice said...

Sweet to my wife? Of course I am. She's the best thing to ever happen to me and it is a sure bet that our family would not be able to operate without her. One of the things I do absolutely adore about my wife is the fact that she is able to put up with me...not many people can do that. The best part though is that not only can she put up with me, but she gives nearly as good as she gets, and this trait helps make our family fun (and fun fodder for this here blog)!!! ;)

susabellpr said...

Yes, my family causes me incontinence! So proud!!! I guess it's all good because it happens when I laugh. Always looking for the silver lining to every situation....yep, that's me! LOL

Unknown said... sweet :-)