Thursday, May 11, 2006


The kids are beginning to suffer from this long standing disease. As the school year comes closer to an end (all of the kids are out here in the next two weeks), it is becoming more and more obvious. Last night (and this morning for various reasons), the youngest was working on a spelling assignment involving writing sentences. Here are the basic rules:

-Sentence must include the spelling word
-Sentence must also involve a basic topic (this week: People in America)

Best sentence not given to the child (using the spelling word WHEN): "We went to the fair."

And the child couldn't figure out why the sentence wouldn't work. Even worse, the first pass on the sentence was: "People in America went to the fair."

Yep, the child has tuned out for the summer - at least until I come up with sentences for the kid to write. Ahhh, good times torturing children...

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