Monday, May 01, 2006

Better than TV

There is a reason I put up with it...but sometimes, I have trouble remembering it...

The other night, after working hard, I settled onto the couch to listen to my MP3 player. I have an iPod with a stand, and in this particular case, I put the stand on my chest and laid down to rest. The rest of the family (at least those not already in bed) were playing cards and having a good time. I guess sleep overcame the joy of the rest of my family. They all stopped what they were doing to point and laugh.

Seems that once I fell to sleep, the iPod and its stand started moving to my breathing making it almost seem to dance. I awoke to being laughed and pointed at. I was more amusing than cards, tv, or any other distraction. Glad I'm needed, even if it is for amusement only... ;)


susabellpr said...

If I could have controlled the fits of laughter bubbling from me and the oldest child, I would have gotten the video camera, we'd be rich!!

KellBell said...

LOL, I wish you could've gotten on tape!!