Friday, September 02, 2005


Another blogger has managed to capture some of my frustration here. Again, I want to point out that I believe the FEMA director was not directing the referred comments to those in the Superdome and Civic center who could not leave, but on the other residents who made the conscious decision to stay even though the New Orleans mayor called for an unequivocal evacuation of the city BEFORE Katrina hit. If this order had been followed, FEMA's job would be more limited to working to help those who couldn't leave the city and those who were thought to be outside of the immediate danger zone. Alas, hindsight is always 20/20 and if the storm had not been even more devestating than predicted, everyone would have been laughing at the over reaction.

So where do we stand? We have a government which has been very lax in responding to this catastrophy. Unacceptable. This is the same government which has decided to go to war in several parts of the world on the premise that their THEORY for building democracy in a region rich with historical precedence will work. Unacceptable. Why do we continue to make these same mistakes? Unacceptable.

I admit, I feel we are in Afganistan because we needed to be. I admit, I have felt since the first Gulf War that we would need to go back to finish the job, but I never felt that it was necessary to be there at the time our government committed us there. We weren't done in Afganistan; North Korea was (and still is) a bigger threat with their admitted building of weapons of mass destruction. Our troops are committed to an initiative fighting insurgents in a country that really doesn't want us there as a whole. The world is watching and we are failing - again. Unacceptable. If there is one thing I agree with our President about, it is that we are committed to this course of action now and that our troops are doing an admirable job. Unfortunately if feels as if they have constraints limiting what they can do in an effort to win a war that our government started and this is unacceptable. Our troops deserve better and we should have learned. Unacceptable.

Iraq must be brought under control and secured. Their new government and forces must be given the time to mature and learn. There can be no half measures. The people in Louisianna and Mississippi need help and support. They too need to have help getting the situation under control and secured. In this situation, there too can be no half measures. Anything less on either front is criminal and unacceptable at this point.

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