Friday, September 23, 2005

All hail the queen...

Those who know me know I love my puppy to death...however, death may come for her sooner rather than later.

Recent behavior issues:

-Jumping and scratching at the door to get in/out
-Snarfing food accidentally dropped without permission
-Yowling in the morning and evening for food (sometimes hours before time)
-Begging while other family members are eating snacks

Now, I realize that my family (including myself at times) reinforces these behaviors, but one recent happening really got to me and caused me to go nuts about all of these behaviors, all at the same time and her cuteness factor is all that is keeping her around right now.

Here is what happened:

The queen goes outdoors to use the facilities, finds another dog has been using her accomodations. Instead of smartly remarking her territory with her own leavings and to send the appropriate message to this other neighbor that the place is taken now and always, what does she do? Nope, doesn't perform Lassie barks to tell me to guard her area either. Nope, my brain child of a dog decides the best course of action is to camouflage herself WITH THE OTHER DOG'S POOP. Now, I don't know if she was planning to ambush this neighborhood mongrel or what, but she brought it in to the house, paraded around and then was left in total wonderment when I blew up after realizing what she had done. It is entirely possible that there many need to be a new queen if this keeps up...

How ironic that my dog, has built and will be shortly living in her own doghouse due to these wonderful behaviors.

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