Thursday, September 15, 2005

Breakfast with the crew...

Every morning my wife gets up, gets ready and then makes the kids lunches. Every morning I help get the kids up, then go downstairs to check email and wait for the kids to come to breakfast. The two youngest arrive and the wife and I will get their breakfast and begin talking and joking to start the day off. Today, I offered to meet my wife for lunch since it looks like I'll have a fairly easy work day. She declines saying she doesn't want me to have to drive all that way. This begins a short tussle between the two of us where we start picking on each other and then start slapping each others arms playfully like we are really getting annoyed with one another (yes, we are still young teens at heart). So, while all of this starts to break out this morning the children begin chanting:

"Fight, fight, fight, fight..."

There are worse ways to starting a day off than with a laugh.

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susabellpr said...

I so kicked his butt! Yeah baby