Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More Katrina...

I know many people have started to try and put Katrina behind. Fortunately, we are pretty close and can see and hear things being done to help. A radio station nearby put on a "Student Support Project" for all of the new student enrollees in Georgia from Katrina so those kids could have school bags and supplies as well as some new clothes and things to help ease the transition. Turned out pretty well and I'm proud to say that our family was able to get involved.

A new kid fresh from New Orleans just joined the youngest soccer team, so I know there is still more to do. In talking with them (a mother and her 3 kids), they have a car and the clothes on their backs right now. They have a house (still under water) and a car still in New Orleans. They've pretty much lost everything but each other. So, there's more to do, since we all know they aren't the only ones.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear Dubya took responsibility for the overall response (or lack thereof) to Katrina. I think it is a very impressive step; when was the last time you heard a President (or any politician) take responsibility for something going wrong? I realize that he wasn't the one making the decisions, but he put those people there and ultimately, he is the leader and the final person responsible for the good or the bad.

Speaking of the people making the decisions on the ground, I was ecstatic to hear that Michael Brown resigned. Definitely read the article - it is an eye opener. I tried to give the guy some latitude, but as things progressed, nothing was happening to help the people.

Lastly, there is a cameraman who has been blogging about things happening in New Orleans - sights, sounds, whatever. His first post details what was happening last week, shortly after arriving. His second post helps give some insight as to what is happening now. Both give you a pretty clear idea of the devastation that was brought on that region. It helps to realize that we are all very lucky and to appreciate the important things in life - family, friends, health and happiness.

Now, with things shifting to stabilizing and rebuilding, any further Katrina news from me will likely be much more upbeat, but I did want to pass these things along.

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