Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Things you should know...

So, yesterday my wife takes the middle child in to the doctors for a physical. While signing in to the office, the wife notices she needs to put the date down. Not wanting to expend the energy actually thinking about the date and knowing the middle child knew (being type A and recording it daily without fail helps), the wife has the following conversation with the daughter:

wife: What is the date?
child: (exasperated and questioning - I know, hard for a 7 year old to pull off, but done admirably here): Um, it is December the 13th. You know, the day after your son's birthday Mom? (Like duhhhh....)

If only to be 7 and know everything again (or to remember to expend that little bit of energy to actually figure out what the date is). My wife is so pretty... :-p

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