Saturday, December 04, 2004

Joys of growing up...

So, the oldest has her first orchestra concert. The day before, mother asks if she has her uniform ready to go since she'll need to wear it to school, and of course the answer is yes. However, on the morning of her concert, mother gets a call from the oldest who is very upset an doesn't want to admit that her concert shirt has been misplaced.

Another instance, mother comes home from work to find open cereal box on the counter next to a 3/4 full gallon of milk which has obviously been sitting out all day. Then finds that the brush isn't where it is supposed to be and there is various other sundry left out from the oldest getting ready for school.

So, what's the point? It just put me in mind of when I was growing up and could barely remember my name most of the time. So, while it is incredibly frustrating, I realize that it is all part of her growing up and like all else it will pass with time (assuming she does survive). In the meantime, I need to state a long overdue comment: Mom, Dad - thanks for putting up with me and I'm sorry for all of those trying times I put you through. Love ya.

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