Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Belated B-Day...

Sorry for the delay folks - just kinda been a crazy bit of time lately. Sunday was the boy's b-day and he had a ball. Truly enjoyed hanging with his friends and being center of attention. The boy (or slick-E as I'm taking to thinking of him) was smooth enough to convince us to eat at Chuck-E-Cheese's based on our premise with the children that they can pick where we eat for their birthday and his happened to fall on a Sunday - so he was able to finagle a bit better party than what his mother or I had initially been planning on. Oh well, he enjoyed and he didn't break the bank.

Now, to deal with my personal issues with Slick-E. I lobbied hard for him to be able to have the party there based on the premise. Granted, the boy could not know this, so I don't wonder why I get no credit for this. However, his favorite gift (and pardon me those without small children) is a fashion statement which allows you to play a card game on it from Yu-Gi-Oh. He had asked and the discussion again hinged on whether or not we should get it for him with the wife somewhat on the fence and me tilting the discussion in favor of yeah. So, the boy gets the gift, obviously enjoys it, and now for the last three days I've heard nothing but "Mom, that was exactly what I wanted. You are the greatest." - with nary an even nod in my direction for my efforts on his behalf.

Dang momma's boy is lucky I love him... ;) Welcome to the wise old age of 6 buddy. Maybe this year we can work on you cleaning your room in under 4 hours.

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