Saturday, December 11, 2004

Breakfast of Champions...

At the kids school, they do a really great program called "Breakfast of Champions" sponsored by the local grocery store and set up to encourage kids to do their best. The boy was honored by the school for citizenship and had been sooo excited to go all week (mainly for the doughnuts I think...).

While at the breakfast, the principal informs everyone there they are being honored for citizenship and then asks who knows what that means. The boy is practically bursting out of his chair raising his hand and his mother is so proud. The principal calls on him and he says (drumroll please):

Ummmmmm, Uhhhh, ummmmm

The principal tells him its all right and calls on someone else and he leans in to mom and says - "I just wanted to be called on. Can I have another doughnut?"

Congratulations son. Your proud parents are sure you'll keep up the good work and this is just signs of more acknowledgement to come.

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