Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Boys Came Through!!!

I've not failed to blog on this before, but felt that it was not wise to ruin the sanctity of quietness when it comes to the cup. My boys, the Red Wings clinched the cup tonight and boy, was it ever a ride. From game 5, triple OT loss to tonight's win (but with some last second heroics almost converting to ruin it), it has been simply an amazing year. The Pens were an amazing team, but simply ran into a better, healthier team at the time. And boy, did the Pens never give up. Their time will definitely come.

I will say, I'm sad Ozzy didn't get the Conn Smythe, as he surely deserved it. I know Zetterberg played well, but, frankly he did what was expected. Ozzy was expected to sit on the bench, and instead, came in to win 14 games with 4 losses and never had a bad goal against. His numbers were myopic and he surely ranked up there with the best on the ice. He routinely outplayed the other goalies in every round. Rarely did he have a poorly placed rebound. Without him, they don't win. The same can be said of Hank or Liddy I know, but again, they were EXPECTED to play - Ozzy wasn't.

Anyway, the cup comes back to Hockeytown. It'll make the travels around the world as expected with this team, but it is back where it belongs. My biggest regret: Living here, I only got to see the immediate aftermath. No team picture (posted on ESPN) or the raucous locker room drinking from the cup and what not.

Congrats to the Cup Winners!!!!

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