Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Vacation!!!

Finally!!! School is out! The final 3 weeks were incredibly long and somewhat torturous. So many projects (tired of buying white foam boards), final exams, endless check writing for various fieldtrips, yearbooks, field day shirts etc...! Most of it was great, but so much to do in so little time makes for a tired mom and dad, oh yeah, and kiddos too.

Kids did great in school this year. I am so proud of them for their hard work and dedication. Middle kid graduated from 5th grade with top honors. She was among the top 20 kids in all of 5th grade! You go girl! Can't forget the other kids.....youngest also had all A's all year long. And the oldeset had mostly A's and a few B's for her freshman year of highschool. Not too shabby!

Now we can relax and unwind. We've lived at the pool every second we get. Can't wait to go to Cedar Point this summer with the cousins. Then camping with the cousins when they come back to GA with us. All in all, can't wait to soak up the sun! I hope everyone else will have a great summer too.

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